PHOTO: Repatriate the Children - Sweden


In June of 2021, RTC – Denmark hosted a conference on the repatriation of children from the Syrian Prison camps, al-Roj and al-Hol.

Several of the world’s leading experts on the topic presented their analysis of the situation, supported by relevant papers and resources. The experts include psychologists, lawyers, criminologists and security experts.

Here, you can see all presentations.


Senior Research Fello, Egmont - Royal Institute International Relations in Brussels.

The moral, legal and political dilemmas, implicated by the children in the prison camps on governments across the world.


Chief of Staff at the Danish Criminal Preventive Unit and leading criminologist at PET.

How does radicalisation happen in the camps? and how do we repatriate the homebound adults and children to the danish society?Presentation is in Danish. 


Former diplomat for the United States, author, politician and policy advisor.

How do we find a solution for the about 10,000 foreign women and children held in captivity in northeastern Syria?


Kamalle Dabboussy

Father and grandfather to an australian woman and her three children i al-Roj camp.

Personal stories as a father and grandfather to a woman and her three children in the Syrian prison camps.

Sadia Khan

Clinical psychologist at DIGNITY - Danish institute against Torture.

How will these children deal with their traumas after growing up in warzones and prison camps? How should they be treated so they can get a good life? Presentation is in Danish. 

All photos from the conference by Ditte Haarløv Johnsen..

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